Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.

The greatest of heroes did not live long lives, and did not obsess about the afterlife.

Whether it be Heracles, Achilles, Sigurd or Thor — they all prioritized action and deeds, and certainly were not distinguished by their moderation.

Such moderation was for men who wanted to live their lives long and comfortable; within their control. Their names eventually withering from memory, and thus their power in this world.

Conquerers, warmongers, and our favorite heroes all sought after the same thing — Imperishable Fame. A major axiom that is repeated through multiple Indo-European cultures.

When your name is on the tongues of thousands of people, it’s easy to imagine a deification process occurring.

This is probably more valid today than ever before, wouldn’t you say?

This was a feat that kept their names current through time, thereby giving them an immortal status, and thus a certain spiritual power. A gift to their descendants of a mighty lineage, one that they could be proud of.

This is why men should look back on these ancient men, in an effort to kindle themselves for the trials of today and embolden themselves.

But somewhere, in some ugly glass tower — a welp of a man will sit back in his recliner, making judgements on such heroes as being brutish, toxic, or extreme for the sake of wealth, women and power.

“Yes, and..?”

There will always be critics, especially those who value inaction or caution as their baseline. The key thing is to keep seeking that imperishable fame, which is the key to the eternal flame and eternal life.

Put your whole spirit into what you do, and act on what you affirm as true.

Do it for your sons. Do it for your story.

But moreover, do it for your fucking self.