For wisdom, listen not to me but the word, and know that all is one..

…and that word is WODAZ.

The essence of a word, is found in its origin. What it ignites in the mind, and the mental recall associated with it. Here, is where the roots of all form lie, as dormant kernels to be collected and seeded. This requires focus.

Most minds these days are mercurial, and thus require alternate stimuli to effectively dictate a direction. For those of us out at Waldgang, the remedy for this, is the madness expressed by WODAZ.

This is what directs us.

All magic words are an innate part of loaded language. Evoking an emotional response, far beyond what it means on a baser level. Politicians use them, salesmen use them, and especially internet gurus – they use them, too.

WODAZ, is not the expression of addled minds. It is the possession of pure vision.

In truth, the word madness holds a transformative impulse by the root mey-, which produces an understanding of bonding, or a strengthening. This metamorphosis is the foremost manifestation when WODAZ is called upon in our rituals, and even in daily life.

WODAZ was fashioned over the course of centuries of use, from the weht, or wāt root. Meaning an inspired force, the same power that possessed the Germanic Wōdanaz; an archetype taken by fury, inspiration, and the will to create. By this word, we carve our way.

Kris Kershaw proclaimed in his tome-like work “The One-Eyed God”:

in fact, madness, to earlier peoples, did not mean loss of control; it meant control by someone else: inspiration or possession..

This possession, or control by someone else, is of the Higher Self. The version of oneself that is molded from the mud that suffocates us into subservience. The best version of yourself.

This form is the one many fear the most, as it threatens their sense of comfort, and proposed sense Self.

WODAZ is the key to that threshold beyond. Metamorphosis is not an easy feat. It takes a certain extremism, or dedication. It takes a sort of madness.

Madness of might, madness of spirit.

This is the word of our mission.

Now, say it with me…